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Using Graphics Part Two

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I recently posted about the importance of using graphics to illustrate complex concepts. Well I had to post a quick update from Mental Floss, which compiled examples of humorous graphic use including from their own content and material from other clever bloggers that heavily rely on infographics, comics, and other visuals. Everything from Venn diagrams to flowcharts, pie charts, and other types of charts and graphs were included.

As a communications consultant and PhD student in the sciences, I particularly related to the following:

Gantt chart is a type of timeline, often used for projects, in which different elements each have their own timeline, but they are all coordinated. … The Universal Gantt Chart for Project Managers shows how projects actually go, instead of how they are planned.

Some of these can also serve as a cautionary tale of when not to use charts–i.e., when they only serve to confuse rather than clarify. When used for humorous effect, however, these tend to work even better.

Elizabeth Striano



Author: Elizabeth Striano

Elizabeth Striano is a science writer and editor and owner of A Green Footprint LLC, which provides communications and sustainabiilty consulting services to environmental consulting firms, nonprofits, and a variety of businesses and organizations.

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